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Prepared Foods Magazine
"Trends in Infant and Toddler Nutrition: The silent majority is speaking up and processors are hearing their cries."

Prepared Foods Magazine

"If developing healthful foods for kids does not begin with what they love to eat, success is hard to come by."

Food Report 2018

Peas of Mind featured in Food Trends section

Eat This, Not That!
"The 46 Best Frozen Foods In America: #12 Peas of Mind Cheese  Pizza, made with our signature veggie crust!"

"With their veggie tater tots... Peas of Mind makes it easier for mom to get kids to eat veggies."

Celebrity Follower
Bethenny Frankel

Advice Givers Podcast
Episode 11

Prepared Foods Magazine
"Peas of Mind is a healthy frozen snack company geared towards picky eaters, enticing younger children to eat their daily servings of veggies under the guise of classic 'kid food' items."

Food Processing Magazine
"New Developments in Foods for Babies and Toddlers: "Its Peas of Mind's new Veggie Tots, launched in May, look like traditional frozen potato tots but are more than 50 percent non-potato veggies, such as carrots, cauliflower and broccoli, so they're nutritious."

Smart Brief
"Healthy kids' meals are the focus at San Francisco-based Peas of Mind, whose mantra, 'All Natural Eats for Growing Kids,' is applied to products like an 'Uncured Pepperoni Peas of Pie' made with veggie dough and yielding 1.5 servings of vegetables in every pizza, plus milkshake smoothie kits with a full serving of fruits and vegetables in every shake and nearly 10 grams of protein."

Hungry Girl
"Don't give in to that late-night driver-thru window!...Keep a bag or two of these veggie fries in your freezer and you'll be minutes away from a healthy French fry fix."

Food Processing Magazine
"Kick-Ass Women in Food"

Hungry Girl
"These are freezer-aisle French fries made from fruit and veggies! Baked not fried, they couldn't be more up our alley if they tried."

National Geographic
EAT: The Story of Food
Watch us on the Food Revolutionaries Episode!

Design Sponge
"Sometimes a business opportunity can develop out of a simple gesture – or so was the case with Jill Litwin, founder of Peas of Mind. Surrounded by a group of working mothers who could not find quick and easy nutritional foods that their kids actually enjoyed eating, Jill knew she could help."

Smart Hustle Magazine
"Interview: Do You Have the "Entrepreneurial Mind-Set?"

Go Dairy Free review
"Peas of Mind is a very cool brand that makes healthy, veggie-focused frozen food for kids. As a true vegetable lover, I was beyond curious about their [products]."

F-Factor Diet
"We know it's hard to say no to a side of crunch French fries... Don't despair though because we've found a delicious way for you to enjoy crispy, crunchy fries without derailing your diet. Peas of Mind Cauliflower Veggie Wedgies!"

Martha Stewart
American made since 2008

Big City Vegan review
"In addition to being vegan, Peas of Mind Veggie Wedgies bake to perfection with a handful of ingredients all of which you will recognize. At 70 calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol, they also contain a bunch of vitamins and nutrients all in all kicking your traditional french fry back to Y2K."

Tastefully Childish review
"My daughter usually doesn't like cauliflower but she had no problem scarfing these Veggie Fries down."

Red Tricycle
"Totally Awesome Award" Finalist

Women's Health Magazine
125 Best Packaged Foods for Women : Broccoli Veggie Wedgies
"You're never too old to sneak more veggie into your diet, especially broccoli, packed with cancer-fighting glucosinolates..."

The Today Show
Broccoli Veggie Wedgies picked for the "Top-rated packaged foods that will save you time" segment.

Daily Candy
"Veggie Wedgies... a dinner table favorite... think the crispy top of twice-baked potatoes without the buttery, cheesy overlay"

Our products are Ashley Koff, RD APPROVED!

Healthy Voyager
"I'm in love with Peas of Mind Veggie Wedgies! French fries meet healthy vegetables for a snack that mom, dad and kid will love!"

Little Spork
"Grocery stores, Restaurants and parents can all benefit from meeting our featured Healthy Kids Snack innovator, Jill Litwin."

Urban Baby
Peas of Pie cheese pizza: "If you didn't know to look for them, you'd never see the veg-flecks [in the crust], and the crust is tender and well-flavored, the sauce tangy but not spicy. I'll buy it again!"

Parenting Magazine
"That's Genius!: You won't feel guilty serving this pizza- Pureed broccoli and carrots are kneaded into the dough of Peas of Pie frozen pizzas..."

Working Mother Magazine
"Pizza, Please... Peas of Mind Pizzas taste just like the real deal but have broccoli and carrots baked right into the crust"

Zis Boom Bah
"Veggie Wedgies...crisp up nicely to a texture that is very much like that of french fries - that's where kids are won over!"

Ingredient Magazine
"Nowadays there are frozen meals made just for kids. One cool new company is called Peas of Mind, and it specializes in making foods like pizza and French fries delicious and nutritious."
"Yes, Epicurious is packed with quick and easy recipes, but sometimes you need an even faster option. Takeout is one solution; another lives in your freezer. We're not afraid of frozen pizza... A new favorite recently hit the market: Peas of Mind's all-natural frozen pizzas."

The Nibble
"Peas of Mind is a company that makes products that kids like. And the products—all frozen foods—are good for them."
"The pizza was similar to any other frozen pizza, but made with real broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots baked right into the crust, giving kids the extra servings of vegetables they need... This is such a great idea for kids, as well as some adults who LOVE pizza just as much as I do!"

California SBDC
"Finding the niche in healthy kids food"

Progressive Grocer
"The company's newest introduction is Peas of Pie, a cheese pizza with broccoli and carrots surreptitiously blended into the crust."

California Country Magazine
"It's a common dilemma for time-crunched parents: finding new ways to provide fast yet nutritious meals for their families. Jill Litwin, founder of San Francisco-based Peas of Mind, says her 'healthy frozen food for growing kids' can help solve the dilemma."

Grocery Headquarters Magazine
"Offering healthy options for growing kids is the focus behind San Francisco-based Peas of this year from the company is Peas of Pie, a cheese-based pizza made with a vegetable crust."

Letter from the White House
"The First Lady greatly values the important work being done all across the country, and she wishes you continued success with your efforts"
Girl Power - Female CEOs
"Women Business Owners - Stand Up and Be Recognized"

Daily Candy
"Veggie Wedgies taste test: "Think the crispy top of twice-baked potatoes without the buttery, cheesy overlay."

Inc. Magazine
"Litwin was La Cocina's first client when she came in with her idea for Peas of Mind, a line of healthy frozen kids' food."

Specialty Food Magazine
"The company's newest product, Veggie Wedgies, are gluten-free, baked crispy French fries made with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots or apples."

Business Journal
"Cover Story: From Beginners to Bigshots!"

Parenting Magazine
"The first ingredient in these stealthy baked fries? Bright orange, vitamin-packed carrots. Boo-Yah!"

San Antonio Living
"Producer's Pick of the Day-Peas of Mind!"

Parents Magazine
"Eat Your Fries! Um, your veggies that is... Our kid testers polished them off with no coaxing, their texture and shape are right on the money."

"Savory and healthy snacks for kiddos this season... give Peas of Mind Veggie Wedgies a try."

"Staff Pick: Broccoli Veggie Wedgies from Peas of Mind!"
"The vegetable war at my house usually ends in tears and/or a cookie... Making vegetables look like French fries totally did the trick for my picky eater."

Chicago Tribune
"Find out where Peas of Mind's CEO like to travel and eat on her time off."

Mothering Magazine
"Reci-pea for Rustic Homemade Ketchup, by Peas of Mind, to accompany Veggie Wedgies!"

Cool Mom Picks
"Because one serving provides more than half of a kid's daily intake of veggies, you don't have to feel the slightest bit of guilt now if your kids refuse to eat anything but fries at dinner."

The Wave Magazine
"Let's face it, there's nothing kids love more than a cardboard cup brimming with tasty French fries. But what if you could substitute that special occasion treat with a healthy, everyday alternative? That was the thinking behind award-winning Bay Area company Peas of Mind's latest product-Veggie Wedgies."

Go Dairy Free
"Unable to stop coming up with ideas, Jill Litwin, the company's founder, has now developed and released Veggie Wedgies..."

Green & Clean Mom
"Peas of Mind was just named R&D Team of the Year for the innovation used to develop Veggie Wedgies! ...My kids will be screaming for these Veggie Wedgies!"

Food Processing Magazine
Peas of Mind awarded R&D Team of the Year!

Vegetarian Times Magazine
Foodie Award for the "Most Fun & Healthy Kid Food"category

Women's Enterprise Magazine
"Peas of Mind brings peace of mind to busy parents"
"Kid-friendly recipe with cold-fighting power by Peas of Mind"

The Gourmet Retailer
"Peas of Mind, a frozen food company for growing kids, showed off its fantastic products at Expo East last week."

Kiwi Magazine
"Petite Appetites: Nanna's Banana Puffet tastes just like homemade banana bread, which both parents and kids will enjoy"

Desert Living
"Getting a child to eat their veggies can be like getting a dog to take a pill."

The Wave Magazine
"Our goal is to feed our kids better today, and do whatever it takes to make it easier for the parents."

Daily Candy
"Back to School Guide: Puffets are packed with healthy foods-just pop into the micro, wrap in foil, and send off to school."

Green & Clean Mom
"Have you ever heard of a Puffet? I hadn't either but there's this adorable little (growing bigger) company called, Peas of Mind, that's making all natural eats for our little ones and they're organic..."

The View From the Bay
TV appearance

The Florida Times Union
"Products galore coming to store shelves"

Mix 106.5 Radio
Interview on "The Bill and Marla Show"

Diablo Magazine
"Now, there's a tot food that many parents find themselves nibbling on too. It's called Peas of Mind."

Organic Spa Magazine
"It's fine if you feel like skimping every now and again on a proper meal, but when it comes to the kids, you need to make sure they're well-nourished. It doesn't get much simpler than Peas of Mind."

Contra Costa Times
"Picky Eater...these people tend to be's for them food like Peas of Mind was created."

KGO Radio
Interview on the "Gene Burns Show"

Santa Cruz Sentinel
"Finding organic food for your infant isn't too difficult. But what happens when they reach toddler stage and want something more substantial?"
"Very impressive products, pass the peas please!"

Bay Area Parent
"Kids' New Favorite Color: Green. Peas of Mind- kid-friendly green product... which are cute and tasty too"
"You want to serve your kiddo the best fresh food, but sometimes work and other commitments get in the way."

Cool Mom Picks
"Whether kids use their fingers or practice with a fork, Puffets should have them happily and healthily noshing instead of whining for chips or chicken nuggets."

The View From the Bay
TV appearance

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
"Fast food feels like the only dinner option on those nights when your just plain wiped. That's why we're in love with these yummy organic Puffets - you can get all your food groups in under 2 minutes!"

The New York Times
"Ms. Litwin is the owner of Peas of Mind, a line of frozen organic toddler food that she developed in Vermont"

NBC Nightly News
TV appearance

Cookie Magazine
"A new line of snacks may have your child asking for 'Peas, Please'."
"Her food invention, the 'Puffet' , is designed to be ready in minutes, portable, delicious, and healthy, and she hopes to shape a lifetime of good eating by getting youngsters started early."

Urban Baby
"Peas of Mind, an organic outfit in San Francisco inspired by farmer's markets, strawberry picking and the like, has a whole new approach to kids' meals."

"They're not too sweet nor salty, which are common perils of processed food."

7x7 Magazine
"Jill Litwin, owner of Peas of Mind, is busy cooking organic, nutritious miniature casseroles for your little one."

The Oakland Tribune
"Peas of Mind owner Jill Litwin peels carrots while preparing organic packaged food product for toddlers."

San Francisco Chronicle
"Food for kids...Prepared meals with a healthy twist."

Edible San Francisco
"Litwin has developed a groundbreaking concept for toddler food called Peas of Mind."

San Francisco Chronicle
"Litwin packages her frozen organic children's food in a workspace at La Cocina"